Peter Turkeltaub, MD, PhD

Director, NoL Training Program

Rachel Galginaitis, MS

Administrator, NoL Training Program


Thomas Coate, PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Coate Lab

Research Interests: Mechanisms of SGN-hair cell connectivity, intercellular communication between SGNs and the cochlear mesenchyme.

Guinevere Eden, DPhil

Professor, Pediatrics

Center for the Study of Learning

Research Interests: Neural basis of learning and its disorders.

Rhonda Friedman, PhD

Professor, Neurology

Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilitation
Research Interests: How language is processed in the normal brain; how language breaks down in a brain damaged by stroke, head injury, or dementia; and how the brain recovers language functions -- with or without therapy -- in the months and years following the injury.

William Gaillard, MD

Professor, Neurology
Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program
Research Interests: Utilizing advanced structural and functional imaging to examine the effects of epilepsy on brain structure and function

Anna Greenwald, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Neurology
Cognition and Emotion after Stroke Project
Research Interests: Visual and auditory perception, attention, and brain plasticity.

Xiong Jiang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory
Research Interests: Using neuroimaging techniques such as MRI and EEG/ERP to study brain function and plasticity; Developing and testing neuroimaging techniques that that are sensitive to neural injury at early stages of neurodegenerative diseases

Elissa Newport, PhD

Professor, Neurology

Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery
Research Interests: the acquisition of language, the relationship between language acquisition and language structure, and the recovery of language after damage to the brain early in life.

Josef Rauschecker, PhD, DSc

Professor, Neuroscience

Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition
Research Interests: Functional organization and plasticity of the cerebral cortex, with special emphasis on the neural substrates of audition in humans and nonhuman primates.

Max Riesenhuber, PhD

Professor, Neuroscience

Laboratory for Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
Research Interests: Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying human object recognition and learning across sensory modalities as a gateway to understanding the neural bases of intelligent behavior.

Ella Striem-Amit, PhD

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience
Sensory and Motor Plasticity Lab

Research Interests: Utilization of state-of-the-art behavioral and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques to study people who experienced early sensory and motor deprivation: people born blind, deaf or without hands. 

Ted Supalla, PhD

Professor, Neurology
Sign Language Research Lab
Research Interests: American Sign Language acquisition, processing and history, and the evolution and structure of homesign, international pidgin sign and signed languages of the world.

Peter Turkeltaub, MD, PhD

Professor, Neurology

Cognitive Recovery Lab
Research Interests: How the brain performs language and cognitive functions, how these brain systems change in the face of injury or dysfunction, and how we can improve recovery. 

Michael Ullman, PhD

Professor, Neuroscience

Brain and Language Lab
Research Interests: Neurocognition of language, memory, and other aspects of cognition in healthy populations and disorders. 

Predoctoral Scholars

Sara Dyslin, MS
Advisor: Peter Turkeltaub
Research Interests: Mechanisms of neuroplasticity post-injury; Typical organization and function of the reading network; Dysfunction and compensation within the reading network in post-stroke alexia.

Lillian Chang
Advisor: Max Riesenhuber
Research Interests: Functional architecture underlying speech and language processes of different modalities, particularly the cross-modal organization between reading, spoken words, and lipreading; Changes to the functional architecture of speech after learning.

Mia Coutinho
Advisor: Guinevere Eden
Research Interests: Neuroanatomy of bilingualism

Postdoctoral Scholars

Sarah F. Phillips, PhD
Advisor: Elissa Newport, Peter Turkeltaub
Research Interests: Neural bases and development of syntactic/semantic processing, bilingual language processing, bilingual language acquisition/development.

Christian Navarro-Torres, PhD
Advisor: Guinevere Eden
Research Interests: Cognitive and neural bases of bilingual language processing, the bioecology of bilinguals, the relation between language processing and general-purpose neurocognition.

Advisory & Review Committee

Community Advisory Committee